Vintage Dreams

Project Overview

December 15th, 2021

Vintage Dreams is the title of a fictional film that we created to introduce a range of luxury vintage whiskies for Alexander Murray & Co; an independent whisky bottler based in Los Angeles, USA.

We are often asked to produce small batches of content for social media, but these types of jobs are often low budget with tight turn arounds which could easily breed material lacking in substance. We asked Alexander Murray & Co if we could take the budget for 6 months and invest that into one larger and more developed project that would produce 6 months worth of assets. The greater flexibility with the budget would allow us to strategically allocate time and resources to create a more complex and engaging product. While smaller scale shoots can yield relatively varied but simple outcomes, one larger shoot with more planning, concept development and resources will warrant a mass of higher calibre content, resulting in more audience engagement.

The focus was on creating a new image to promote their brand surrounding a vintage 70’s theme. We worked on mood boards, scripted ideas and hired props and models to produce a fictional film trailer for ‘Vintage Dreams’. The idea was to feature a series of autonomous scenes which could be screened over time to deliver rich and atmospheric platforms for the products to feature, while showcasing the brands new image.

We delivered a series of assets including both short video clips and still images in various formats for optimal engagement and functionality on each social platform.


"The services of Flux Video, which we have opted to use now on several occasions, have been impressive on multiple levels. On each occasion we have been very happy with final results - each video produced is visually compelling, has a nice flow and has allowed us to tell our story in a unique way. As well as fantastic results, attention to detail, flexibility, and the ability to work towards a clear timeline and budget have been equally impressive. We continue to recommend Flux Video."

Vintage Dreams,